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He said I’m gonna buy this place and burn it down
I’m gonna put it six feet underground
He said I’m gonna buy this place and watch it fall
Stand here beside me baby in the crumbling walls

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New Pornographers & Belle and Sebastian
9:30 club. March 5th. GRACE IS AMAZINGGG

cal-ee-forn-yuh [ ]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm sitting here in my Uncle's office in San Francisco feeling extremely out of place in my shorts & tshirt; I haven't seen anyone else wearing something other than a three-piece suit for miles. Anyway, the vacation is going pretty well.

I got here safely, which, knowing my directional skills, is a compelte and total miracle. Of course, I managed to get lost 3 times and spill coffee all over my white shirt before I even got on the plane, but that's not important, right? We went to check out Berkeley on the first day and I absolutely loved it. (Anne, I know you're jealous.) It reminded me a lot of Georgetown, but hippied out. We walked around campus for a while, shopped at American Apparel and Cody's books, & drove up to the hills of Oakland to see some gorgeous views. Let me just clarify that if I don't come home alive, it's because of my Uncle's driving. Normal for him is 45 in 25 mph zones on curvy, uphill mountain roads. He drives a MINIMUM of 70 on highways (including 55 mph ones), never with more than one hand on the wheel, and hyperactively glancing around/switching lanes every 5 minutes just for fun.

We went to the beach the next day, & then to these old bath-houses which were destroyed in a fire. It was pretty cool, but I got such a bad sunburn on the backs of my legs from falling asleep that I still can't really walk today without drugging up. That night, we went to this pier near his house for fireworks. They were good, but I felt homesick not being able to see the ones on the mall. Plus, these super-obnoxious Japanese tourists were standing behind us making "tsking" noises and going "wooooo-woooo!" or "waaaoooww" after EVERY SINGLE FIREWORK.

Yesterday=one of the best shopping days of my life. I literally walked around San Fran from 10 am to 5 pm shopping. It was amazing. The stores here are huge and have a big selection...I found items that I've been looking for at home for months here in abundance on the racks. I had to call 4 people out of extreme shopper's guilt, and that says a lot. Think Marc Jacobs and Tiffany's. Needless to say, my mom's credit card ("ONLY use this in emergencies") was a great help. heh. We went out to dinner that night at this amazing place in Little Italy where they make fresh pasta, and then to a poetry reading at City Light books. Right now I'm just waiting until 10 when the SFMOMA opens so I can spend some time there.

Quote of the week: Upon seeing the backs of my legs on the Bart train last night
man: Excuse me, lady! You have a BITCHIN' sunburn!
me: Um...I know.
man: Okay, just thought I'd let you know.

Great, thanks...I totally wasn't aware. *eyeroll*

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To quote the famous words of Lauren: "Every year I think of all the kids going into their Junior year and think, 'thank God that isn't me!' But now...it is." One more week of real school left. One summer closer to hell.

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I missed Guster at UMD for only $10.
This makes me very upset.

However, the AP gov exam is over, which is a HUGE weight off my shoulders, and now I can do normal things. Like sleep and do no homework on afteroons and go to Cleveland Park Caltor with Goose JUST BECAUSE. That actually might be the worst thing I've ever written gramatically.


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"La vida no es la que uno vivió, sino la que uno recuerda y cómo la recuerda para contarla"
-Gabriel García Márquez.

The little boys across the street from me are selling rocks for $8 and calling them paperweights.

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I am officially permitted to drive in the state of Maryland.

What is this?

A) A sign with numbers
B) A speed limit sign
C) The number of seconds you must stop at the next stop sign
D) None of the above

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AP NSL never fails to amuse me...


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Mmm...fun & procrastination.

Step 1: Get your play list together, put it on random, and play
Step 2: Pick some lines from the first 20 songs that play.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from...without searching it on google or song meanings.
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly!Collapse )

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[ mood | blah ]

Hmm...I guess I kind of forgot about this. Maybe because my grades were seriously fucked until about one day ago. And I'm still not sure about chem, because according to Ms. Taylor, a 89.4 is NOT an A. Excellent.

I met Sofia in Bethesda today and we looked around in the Lily Store with Bill. THAT was interesting. Went back to her house and watched Season 1 of The OC on DVD, and then I came home to yet another exciting night doing absolutely nothing. I DID get to see her drive, though. Never thought I'd see the day.

Halloween's tomorrow...I wasn't planning on going trick or treating, but appearantly we are now, so: What should I be? I don't really have time to go out and buy anything.

And last but not least, ohhhh A1.Collapse )

Oh, a livejournal? [ ]
Amazing weekend including inside-out umbrellas and a sketchy waiter at Cosi, introducing MallAry to the real world and watching Hillary Duff "sing" in 5637239 Juicy outfits, and seeing ABBY! I love my friends.

On that happy note, all dentists should fall off the face of the earth. I went for a THRID opinion today to some periodontist who gave us another completely different plan. Of course, this plan will include not actually getting my implants all all for another 9-12 months. Oh, he also claimed that the orthodontia I've been getting for the past 6 years has been completely inadequate. At one point during his condescending little speech to me, (meaning he explains the exact same thing he JUST said to my mom except a lot slower and in falsetto) I must have been looking particularly miserable because he asked me if everything was ok. And I REALLY wanted to say, "No, you douche! The first dentist wanted half a million dollars, the second told us he "wasn't right for the job," you're being impatient and you sound incompetant, and I'm going to have no teeth until I'm 21!" But of course, I didn't.

The only good thing that came out of this was my mom feeling bad for me and getting me my favorite pasta salad and Cosi hot chocolate in Dupont. Mmmm.

I'm so relieved we have an AP government project...I'm hanging onto my B by a thread and I really need the points. Lauren, Grace and I are designing a campaign for my lover, Ben Stiller. Slogan: Challah at Stiller for president. This reminds me that I kind of have a few hours of homework looming before me. Ah, beloved end-of-quarter tests and essays.

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I was at the Bethesda flea market today looking around, and while I was buying this vintage necklace, I found out the lady I was buying it from lives in..wait for it..WAYNESBORO! Apparantly she lives right down the street from the hick bowling alley we always visit, and she drives down every weekend to sell her stuff. Wow, that was cool. I also got Sevens from Mustard Seed for $15.

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Everyone is yelling at me to update..so let's go for 10 comments since I'm doing it. Cool.

The electricity went out at my synagouge last night so we had Kol Nidre in the dark with no airconditioning, which was not too fun. My dad and I had basically been running ever since we left the Irene to get to the Friendship Heights metro, so imagine how EXCITED I was to get to sit in a hot room with a few hundred other people for two hours. On the verge of sounding really corny, I actually thought it was really nice in the dark, more intimate, and it gave me a time to reflect on the year.

I want to drive. Now.

God, I really need to get out of my house and do something. I've been stuck here for the past 6 weekends. I say that I'm so bored and there's nothing to do, but really I'm going to be in a mad rush tomorrow afternoon trying to study for chem and clean my room. (You can't see the floor again) Like I said in my rocking speech for English, EVERY weekend should be a three day weekend so Sunday isn't wasted worrying about Monday morning and the rest of the week; Some other topics in our class being "Why marijuana should be legalized," (because it's NOT addictive) and "I wish I had been there when (insert random sophmore guy from Landon here) was dumped."

I'm about to go re-straighten my hair--because in my imagination, Jewish mothers at Yom Kippur services will see me and go "Damn, she has nice hair," and then proceed to set me up with their hot sons.

I'm Lauren Ezersky, bitch! [ ]
[ mood | stressed ]

Just trudging through another full week of school. I should be working on questions for our apgov seminar, but of course I'm spending time on livejournal instead. Mr. Zehner casually dropped the tiny detail during class today that not only are we preparing for Federalist 51, but also 78. We also had a fire drill today leaving us with a grand total of about 10 minutes to organize our entire project. Excellent. The only thing we decided was that we're going to play rockpaperscissors, except with legislative, executive, and judicial to demonstrate checks and balances. That totally deserves an A.

My parents love to send me little reminders about how much they love me...my dad forgot to take his bike out of the car, so I had to sit on the floor in the backseat inbetween 3 Kamerows last night. But it's ok, we had a party. ("I CANNOT HAVE THE CHILDREN SING DIFFERENT WORD!")

I drove my mom's car down the driveway again today, but did NOT back into the fence. Good times.

Ok enough procrastination. I have about 2637282 tests and projects due this week.

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[ mood | cranky ]

Wouldn't it be cool to have a hurricane with your name? Then you could cut out clippings from the newspaper that say stuff like


School is horrible. Actually, this is probably the worst year of my life so far. I realized today that 4 of my teachers act like they have fucking bipolarism. Other than that little 2nd-3rd period greyish area, my day is SO monotonous and gloomy that I really can't stand to wake up in the morning. I'm hoping that I'm just being negative and things will change considering it's only the 3rd week of school...so we'll see.

I'll probably be walking around Cleveland Park tomorrow trying to get out of all-day services if anyone would like to join me. <3

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Today I was at Starbucks doing my chem homework and drinking my mocha when a guy asked to sit at my table. I thought nothing of it until he started to talk to me. I'll admit...the first thing that went through my mind was "Ohhhh no. Another sketchball." We ended up having a really nice conversation about school, and what I wanted to be when I grew up...no personal information exchanged. It was so nice to talk with an adult who treated me like I was on the same level as him, not like I was some teenager out to ruin America. I really wanted to thank him for going out of his way to be so genuinely friendly when he could have easily been one of the other 20ish business men/women on break who stared at me evilly for buying coffee, but he waved and left as I answered my phone. Just thought I'd share.

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Because I am the best at being productive, I'd just like to share a sample of what I've been doing for the past 5 days at home:

-watched season 3 of The Simpsons on DVD. Yes, the whole thing.
-dressed my dog up in costumes and attempted to take pictures
-cleaned my room lay on my bed and stared at the mess for an hour
-tried on hideous 80's outfits from my mom's closet
-organized the magnets on our fridge--props to Pilar for that genius idea
-lay in bed and stared at the ceiling
I know, your jaws have all dropped to the floor.

The good news is that my parents have decided that I'm finally well enough to get out of this hellhole. The bad news would be that I dropped my cell phone in a tub of water today, meaning I don't really have a method of communication until my mom gets off the phone. (She's been on for 3 hours now with one of her highschool friends. They're talking about the ASTOUNDING price of brocolli at SuperFresh...please don't let me turn into that at middle age...please.)

I really want a Marc Jacobs blazer.

I'm gonna go watch Love Actually now...and stuff evelopes with Rosh Hashana ushering schedules for my dad?

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shdsahdsjk back at home again. same fever for the fifth day in a row.

My mom and I spent over an hour yesterday trying to fix the VCR so I could see the senior show video. Mallory and I are blocked by a giant, wooden pole. Figures. However, the Cabana dance is hot beyond belief. ♥

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Condensed, but it says it all.Collapse )

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Everyone go see Garden State. It rocks.

My day stuck in the house yesterday is almost too painful to describe, but basically my six year old cousin spilled makeup all over my new rug, and then told me I was un-cool because I didn't have any Charlie's Angels outfits in my closet. Ouch. Next time relatives visit, I'll remember to lay out my leather pants.

I FINALLY got out at 8ish when Anne and I went into Bethesda and walked around seeing 2371268217 people and making fools of ourselves. And when I say that, I mean I was making a fool of myself, and Anne was laughing/apologizing.

I spent a while last night saving pictures that other people scanned (I work so hard...) to put together
ST04 in pictures...Collapse )

Not doing anything this week, so you know my number.

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Come on guys..support the Tiki Bar!

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